Aims of the project:

Circular Gothenburg drives, coordinates, supports and co-creates the transition to a circular economy in areas where the City of Gothenburg plays an important role. This includes both the municipality’s internal processes and activities which help the citizens to live in a more circular way.


Long Term Goals:

  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing climate impact
  • Increasing resource efficiency

Examples of action:

  • Fixotek: Staffed facilities, close to where people live, open to everyone. Where people can meet, learn, repair and redesign stuff, borrow tools, swap toys, clothes and books.
  • Reuse and redesign of furniture in the city.
  • Public procurement for circular flows in the construction and demolition process: A nation funded project run during 2019, Providing recommendations and suggestions on how procurement requirements can be formulated to push for circular construction and demolition.

Key success factors:

  • City administrations:
    • Give the city’s administrations guidelines and good settings for circular transition
    • Provide assistance for the purchase and procurement of circular products/ services
    • Communicate the possibilities and benefits of circular products/services.
  • Citizens:
    • Encourage and help the City’s administrations to use their own resources to help residents by:
      • Supporting the activities of others and developing their own.
      • Collaborate, test and scale up new circular activities and activities.
  • Business Sector:
    • Collaborate to find attractive and functioning relationships between sustainable production and consumption.
    • Help to develop constructive and clear procurement requirements for circular products/services that can contribute to the transition.


Key learnings, challenges and opportunities:

  • Make the transition easy, obvious and attractive
  • Municipalities are important actors that can speed up the transition from a linear to a circular economy
  • Cross-border strategies and collaboration are needed – together is a keyword both within the municipality and between different stakeholders
  • Moving from pre-study to implementation and from niche to mainstream is a real challenge
  • There was a great response and interest from other, many want to act.

Project details:

Organisation: City of Gothenburg

How long has the project been operational: Since 2016.

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