CIVITAS is a network of cities for cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond. Over 800 innovative urban transport measures and solutions in over 80 Living Lab cities across Europe since 2002 show why CIVITAS stands for City VITAlity and Sustainability.

CIVITAS offers practitioners opportunities to see innovative transport solutions being developed and deployed first-hand, and learn from peers and experts working in the field. CIVITAS nurtures political commitment, new marketable solutions, and offers funding and knowledge exchange with a view to creating growth and better connected, more sustainable transport modes.

CIVITAS  works on the following ten thematic areas:  Car-Independent Lifestyles, Clean Fuels & Vehicles, Collective Passenger Transport, Demand Management Strategies, Integrated Planning, Mobility Management, Public Involvement, Safety & Security, Transport Telematics, and Urban Freight Logistics.

How to engage:

The CIVITAS Forum Network is a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practice between cities committed to introducing sustainable urban transport policies. Any European city can become a member.

By signing the CIVITAS Forum Declaration, they join an active community of 250 cities, most of whom have taken part in at least one of the initiative’s five phases.

Regular workshops and training events inform and inspire members, who can also participate in the annual CIVITAS Forum Conference. Politicians from Forum cities can apply to be part of the Political Advisory Committee (PAC). Through sharing of expertise and the promotion of continuous learning, the network ensures that it remains at the forefront of pioneering clean urban transport across Europe.

Picture courtesy of: Civitas EU

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