Aims of the project:

The electromobility project in the city of Lublin consists of the following smaller projects:

  • “Low-emission communication network collective for the northern part of LOF (Lublin Functional Area) with the construction of the electronic ticket system agglomeration communication”.
  • “Development and streamlining the public transport for the special economic zone area and industrial zone in Lublin”.
  • “Reconstruction strategic corridor of public transport with the purchase of rolling stock in central part of LOF area”.

From reserve projects

  • “Transport infrastructure at al. Kraśnicka in Lublin together with the purchase of rolling stock”
  • “Improving the collective transport system for LOF”
  1. The first project involves the purchase of 20 electric buses and 4 quick-charging chargers.
  2. The second project involves the purchase of 7 electric buses and development the public transport network for the special economic zone and industrial zone in Lublin.
  3. The third project involves the purchase of 5 electric buses for the strategic corridor of public transport.

In addition, it was additionally planned to purchase 34 electric buses and 3 charging points for electric buses form reserve projects.

Buses will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries with a relatively small energy capacity (up to 100 kWh). They will be able to carry more passengers. These buses will be topped up with electricity during the provision of transport services at the loading points located in the city of Lublin at the final stops. Currently, the system in low scale is tested in Lublin in cooperation with the local Public Transport Authority. A charging station was installed at MPK Lublin and – in cooperation with Ursus – a new electricity collection system was installed on one electric bus – Ekovolta from Ursus Bus. The projects also include other operations such as: creating an electronic ticket system, development of road infrastructure, development of passenger information system and reconstruction of intersections.

Key challenges:

Although Lublin take the high places in the rankings as one of best Polish cities in environmental aspect we have a problem each year with air pollution and smog. Despite of the good spatial planning of green areas and their large share of the total city area negative aspect of environmental pollution still can be felt. Lublin is the first of polish cities which participates with inhabitants in creating new urban green spaces by participative platform “Green Civic Budget”. The impact on improving the quality of the environment is also visible in public transport Lublin currently have 30% zero-emission stock of total in public transport.

Key success factors:

  • The main effects of the introduction of electric buses to Lublin public transport is increasing the zero-emission rolling stock index (increase form 30% to 50%);
  • No greenhouse gas emission;
  • Ecological transport for the city;
  • New system of the electronic tickets;

Key learnings:

  • Necessity of investment expenditures related to the development of public transport due to worldwide factors in the aspect of electro mobility;
  • The development of infrastructure related to electromobility will certainly contribute to the development of this type of transport in the private sector;
  • Having already zero-emission infrastructure helps to expand this system;

Organisation: Municipality of Lublin

Funding:  Co-financing from: the Municipality of Lublin’s budget and European Funds: The Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland 2014-2020.

Total project cost: 447 450 000 PLN net value

How long has the project been operational: 2019–2021

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