Circular Economy: Globechain’s B2B Reuse Platform Makes It Easy for Municipalities to Donate Unwanted Items to Charity

Aims of the project:

  • Enabling municipalities to participate in the circular economy through Globechain’s easy-to-use and scaleable online reuse platform.

Globechain is the UK’s biggest reuse platform enabling corporations and municipalities to donate their unwanted equipment (office, medical, F&B, etc.), materials (textiles, construction), furniture and fittings to over 10,000 UK charities, non-profits, NGOs, social enterprises and start-ups, through its proprietary, scalable technology. The number, transparency and real-time status of Globechain’s item listings, combined with its large subscriber base of beneficiary organisations, eliminates the lumpiness that so frequently characterizes the reuse economy, in essence, creating an efficient marketplace for the reuse of items which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Key challenges and how were these overcome:

  • Convincing corporations (and governmental organizations) to try an alternative to traditional waste disposal (i.e., sending unwanted items to landfill). Globechain’s earliest corporate donors were offered subscriptions at significantly reduced prices to induce first-time use of the service.

Key success factors:

  • Ease of use and scalability of Globechain’s technology platform have enabled the founder to sign up more than 10,000 UK charities/non-profits and hundreds of corporate donors, and divert more than 4 million kilos of waste from landfill singlehandedly.

Key learnings:

  • Scale is crucial to creating a fluid and efficient marketplace; Donor companies and organisations need quite a bit of hand-holding at the beginning; it’s important to characterise our service offering in a manner which makes sense within in the current framework of their commercial decision making. (For example, the main reason corporates and other donating organisations sign up to Globechain is because we save them lots of money vis-à-vis traditional waste management.

Organisation: Globechain

How long has the project been operational: 4 years

Funding: Originally bootstrapped with personal money from the founder, the company is now financially self-sustaining.

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