Aims of the project:

  • To maximise donation of kit to good causes and ensure non-reusable kit was sent for recycling or energy recovery.

Collecteco was approached by Jones Lang LaSalle on behalf of their client, Grant Thornton, who were due to be relocating and needed to get the vast majority of the furniture and kit in their old offices rehomed. In line with their CSR commitments, JLL and Grant Thornton were keen to maximise the kit donated to good causes. Collecteco work with businesses to maximise the donation of good quality furniture, equipment and materials to good causes.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and a full report on the good causes helped was given to Grant Thornton

Key challenges and how were these overcome:

  • Grant Thornton wanted to maximise the donation of reusable furniture and equipment to good causes.
  • Although there was quite a lot of notice on this project, which allowed Collecteco to promote the kit to a range of good causes, there were some key deadlines that had to be met to ensure that the premises were ready to be handed back to the landlord and to avoid financial penalties.


  • Access was an issue with the site being on the second and third floor of the premises, so good communication between the client, landlord and building management was key

Key success factors:

  • Nearly 1,500 items and over 62,000 kg of furniture and equipment were handled and, of this, 97.25% was donated to good causes. Other kit (2.75%) that was beyond repair or obsolete was sent for recycling. Zero waste went to landfill!
  • This equated to nearly £50,000 worth of furniture, equipment and materials donated to charities, schools, the NHS and other not for profit organisations. This is a conservative figure based on secondhand values and the actual savings to the NHS and Soil Association, who would have sourced new kit, is much higher. This in-kind funding allows good causes to focus their funds on their core services.
  • This generated some publicity and also provided some great connections into Grant Thornton’s #vibranteconomies campaign

Key learnings:

  • Understanding key deadlines and the significant financial penalties of not having a premises ready to be handed back to the landlord.
  • The success of the communication and outcomes of this project has meant that Collecteco, in addition to other projects with Grant Thornton and JLL, is now working with Grant Thornton’s ex-landlord on helping them rehome reusable kit from their refurbishment works

Organisation: Collecteco Ltd

Delivery agent: Collecteco Ltd in Partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle and Grant Thornton

How long has the project been operational: Since 2017

How long the project took from concept approval to implementation: 17 months

Total cost: Less than £15,000

Funding: Funded by client, Grant Thornton

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