Aims of the project:

  • To increase the uptake and use of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEVs) in a city


Project has the following elements:

  1. Creation and operation of EV experience centre in prime CMK retail environment (centre open July 2017)
  2. Construction of two EV charging hubs in MK, with characteristics of Petrol Filling station
  3. Deployment of infrastructure package to install charging equipment at Destinations, Workplaces and residential areas _ MK has the highest density of charging in UK
  4. Highway works to promote EVs through signage and priority measures
  5. Marketing and promotional activities
  6. Innovation package to demonstrate net generation of charging infrastructure

Key challenges and how were these overcome:

  • Very innovative approach was adopted which challenged ‘typical’ local authority activity by promoting and marketing vehicles through a ‘dealership’ model. Business model was based on a scenario of giving access to range of vehicles with sales generated at ‘normal’ dealerships.Therefore challenge was to create revenue stream to support operation in prime retail location.

    Solution was partnership approach with range of dealers / OEM, convincing them that the investment in the centre would lead to sales at their outlets, and them understanding the centre was to promote EVs, not any particular brand or vehicle model. This partnership helped to create world first multi brand EV experience centre with aim to promote and demonstrate EV capabilities and remove barriers to ownership by providing impartial independent advice to potential customers

    Other elements of the scheme was to deploy targeted charging infrastructure to support uptake by removing barriers (anxiety) about charging vehicles on public and private land. Targeted destinations, workplaces, and residential areas without off street parking.

    Developing innovation package to demonstrate next generation of charging infrastructure.

Key success factors:

  • Increase in sales and use of ULEVS in Milton Keynes area

Key learnings:

  • Barriers to ownership and use identified from research and engagement with potential customers.
  • Reach of MK in influencing EV uptake wider than forecast
  • Significant misinformation and understanding of EV capabilities by industry and consumers
  • Fragmented nature of infrastructure provision and interoperability
  • Pace of tech change

Organisation: Milton Keynes Council

Commissioning agent: Office for Low Emission Vehicles

Project duration: 24 months (in 60 month programme)

Funding: £9.1m, Government Grant

Picture courtesy of: Milton Keynes Council

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