The RESIN e-Guide supports the development and implementation urban climate adaptation plans. Apart from being a comprehensive source of information, it also contains practical examples of adaptation planning processed and relevant lessons learned.

The e-Guide is composed of the following two elements:

  • Tutorial: this section contains a structured overview of all aspects encountered in forming a climate adaptation plan. For each of these aspects it in informs the user about his options, available tools and the potential consequences of taking one route or another.
  • Decision support centre: this section allows the user to keep track of all efforts done and information gained in a climate adaptation process and its progress. It also allows keeping track of progress across several employees working alongside at various aspects of the process.


The RESIN project is investigating climate change adaptation practices in European cities and assessing impact and vulnerability in order to develop standardised methodologies and decision support tools that cities can use to develop local adaptation strategies.

Organisation: TNO

Duration: 2015-18

Funding: European Commission, Horizon 2020

Website: RESIN

Picture courtesy of: RESIN

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