Aims of the project:

To utilise digital environmental management tools to support The Reykjavík Climate Policy – Action Plan 2016-2020 and  it’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2040.

Objectives of the project:

  • Lead by example
  • Collect data on our use of resources
  • Analyse data and spot trends and patterns
  • Expose wasteful practices and increase efficiency
  • Calculate environmental impact, the city’s CO2 footprint
  • Create an action plan


Klappir Green Solutions – Enviro Master is a platform of digital environmental management tools which is used by the City. The platform:

  • Streams real time data from service providers
  • Measures waste handling & disposal, electricity use, heating, cold water use, fuel consumption and much more
  • Gives a clear overview of the usage of resources on a digital dashboard
  • Comparison between buildings and floors, departments, postal codes etc.
  • Exposes wasteful practices
  • Calculates environmental impact and footprint. 

Key challenges:

Some of the challenges for the project have been answering the questions:

  • Who is responsible for running this project – where should it be placed?
  • How much manpower should be allocated during the implementation period?
  • Who should have access to the platform’s dashboard?
  • Who are the audiences we need to keep engaged and how?

Key learnings:

  • Ideas can change the world

  • Sound preparation is invaluable

  • Knowledge is essential

  • Ideas, preparations and knowledge are all but useless without action

  • Action is the starting point of all progress

Project details:

Organisation: City of Reykjavík


What stage is the project at: Implementation started late 2017. The initiative is connecting new data sources, registering all the assets of the city, including 540 buildings and 450 cars.

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