Aims of the project:

  • To help local and central government to more easily store, share, and make use of data to drive better decisions.

In a fast-changing world it’s more important than ever to put data to work. Forward thinking leaders use Witan to take advantage of new data science tools and techniques that get them quicker answers and help them develop better plans.

Data needs shaping into the predictions and analyses that allow you to develop better services, save time and save money. The Witan suite is a cloud based platform that enables you to securely collaborate, manage, and get insights from data. With Mastodon C’s technical and domain expertise you will get results faster and have more confidence in the plans you make. Developed by Mastodon C’s data science team in collaboration with public sector specialists and local authority leaders, the Witan platform quickly transforms raw data into meaningful and actionable intelligence. Even with ever-growing, ever more complex data sources, fast-changing events and new priorities, with Witan what used to take weeks can now take minutes.

Organisation: Mastodon C

How long has the project been operational: 1 year

Funding: Innovate UK

Picture courtesy of: Mastodon C

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